Tips to survive wintertime

written by kettermichelle

We’re only in the middle of January and I’m already so sick of cold weather. And I sure know I’m not the only one. I’m so happy that we only have about a month-few months left of winter and spring is actually closer than we think. I’m constantly freezing my ass off outside and feeling so sick all the time… Ordering food from Wolt because I am too tired or unmotivated to even cook myself. The only time I am actually enjoying winter is during the daytime when there is light outside and I go to long walks with warm clothes wrapped on. I know I should be happy for having such a beautiful season at all, but you know.. we get tired from the cold and dark, and we get tired of it pretty fast. I decided to list down some effective activities you can do to keep your mind and soul positive although it might be depressing and dark outside. I added some throwback photos from summertime to boost your Thursday evening. Spring and summer are not that far away.  🙂

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1. Book a trip to anywhere. – first and probably the best tip for winter. No, it doesn’t have to be Bali or Thailand or a super expensive luxury trip to a warm place (still wouldn’t mind going for a Bali yoga retreat trip right now..). It could also be a small 2-day vacation to somewhere in Europe, Italy or Paris for example. And believe me when I say- if you take the time to search for cheap flights- most likely you will find them. Sounds so super cheesy but traveling is something you pay for that actually pays back and makes you richer.  Getting to know different countries and cultures, in my opinion, is just so eye-opening and wonderful.



2. Make a vision board– this very important one is in my this years to do list as well. I have been thinking about doing a vision board for a pretty long time now but I STILL haven’t bought a printer and the necessary things to do it. By the way, if you want to learn more about vision boards, what they are and why you should do them to make your dreams come true- I recommend watching one of Cornelia Grimsmo’s video here. (This pic I posted is from Katerina’s wall with her own photos)

Another great tip inspired by Cornelia’s video is to educate yourself watching Netflix documentaries or educating youtube videos, depending on your interests or fields. I love to watch self-improvement and creative videos. Also please share some recommendations if you know any worth watching documentaries or good youtubers!


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3. Eat good food. ”But healthy and plant-based food doesn’t make me feel good”- said no one ever. Food is the main thing in life that gives us energy. But what kind of energy, you decide. I freaking love junk food and that’s why I allow myself to eat it since I never prohibit anything from myself, but I balance it with healthy food as well. And I really can feel the difference between the feeling of after eating either option. And believe me you do feel much more energized after eating your greens.

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4. Be active and go to places – I know I should move my ass and work out and I know I don’t, but I still do it. I don’t even know how have I managed to survive this school semester without actually working out properly, but the problem is I haven’t yet figured out what kind of exercising my body actually needs.  The main things that have been holding me together for the past months have basically been yoga and coffee. 

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