Santorini Island

written by kettermichelle

This post includes a lot of HUJI and polaroid pictures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I told myself not to have any high expectations of Santorini because I know I have already seen more beautiful places in the world. Santorini is a small island in Greece, about 12km wide and 20km long. It’s about 150km from the popular party island Mykonos where celebrities go for a vacation. Thira (Santorini) island itself is veeery dry and in my opinion the nature isn’t anything special. In the summertime it is filled with tourists since it’s the only time of the year anyone actually visits the island because it’s pretty cold during the winter time. That’s pretty bad because it really is blooming of tourists.

Santorini is known for the beautiful panoramic view filled with white houses built on top of hills in the city Fira. There are a lot of expensive restaurants in the area. I think me and the girls went for a coffee in the evening a few times and we all paid about 5-6€ for just a coffee… not nice at all. Although, pita gyros is 2,50€ everywhere in Greece so that’s nice.

There is beautiful places to see and nice things to experience in Santorini. One of my friend told me not to miss the sunset in Oia, Santorini. It was beautiful and the view was amazing, but, I’ve seen much prettier sunsets in Greece.. The best ones happen to be in Patras. Black sand beaches were something that I’ve never seen before! That really was a positive surprise.

We stayed at a really nice apartment called ”Alafouzos Studios” about 15min ride from downtown Fira. That cost us about 450€ for 3 nights and 4 days for four people in total. But the apartment was so worth it! It was everything we needed, had a nice pool, beach at 3min walking and a local mini market near us (which was really expensive as well). We pretty much didn’t eat out in Santorini, because we had a kitchen of our own so we just bought some groceries and made food ourselves.

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This happened.. we got ”kicked out” of our apartment, because we were too stupid not to realize that check out is at 12:00am and we have a whole day ahead before our flight.. so, we kind of moved from our room to by the pool and lived there hahaha.

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We hitch hiked a lot in Santorini because Greek people are really helpful and trustworthy. In my opinion, hitch hiking should be a common thing anywhere in the world.. We also used the local taxi. Unfortunately, it was a big disappointment because they have fixed prices and anywhere you want to go, you have to pay 20€ for the trip.. We used about 80€ of our money just to go with a taxi.. it was also very difficult for us to go with the local bus, because Greek people are reeeallly bad with timing. Sometimes, the local bus wouldn’t come at all so we waited unpatiently for it for an hour. The ticket cost 1.80€ to anywhere you wanted to go in the island.

Thank you, Santorini <3

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