UAE adventures

written by kettermichelle

Dubai shit. Dubai whips. Fancy cars, luxurious yachts and rich lifestyle comes to my head when I first think about Dubai. And it sure was beyond my expectations. You don’t really go there just to have a beach vacation, you want to experience the whole thing! There is a LOT to do. The thing is, you got to have money to spend to go there. Just tickets from Helsinki to Dubai starting from 400€, hotels in the city cost a lot etc.. so it sure is not a low budget country. On the other hand, the Dubai has the tallest building in the world, the most expensive cars and hotels and so on.. it was beautiful.

I would have never ever thought that I get the chance to visit such a special country so young. I did get lucky because I was invited there for work, so I didn’t really need a big budget of my own. We had a couple of long and hectic days full of filming and working, but we also took a few days off just to lay by the pool, enjoy and smoke some shisha which is a must to do cultural thing in Dubai. Also bought one back to home!

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Chasing wild camels was quite a thing to experience. My leopard print dress is from the brand Neo Noir / Dots Store Helsinki.

PS! Dotsilla tällä hetkellä huikeet alet, käy tsekkaa nettisivut tai paikan päältä fredalta!

4AM Dubai desert morning sunrises and photoshoots. Since we had a film/photo trip, we made a lot of content in one week. One of the hard things was waking up at 3am to catch the sunrise by the desert. We did it a couple of times and it was so worth it!

Another pretty pretty Neo Noir dress. All photos by Markus Watson.




ABU DHABI. We visited the huge Emirates Palace and Markus took some photos of me by the fountain. We were supposed to visit the Grand Mosque Center which I was VERY excited about, but since it was Ramadan we couldn’t do it at that time.. At least I got a reason to go back to beautiful Abu Dhabi.

Black skirt is from Neo Noir, once again (guess my favorite brand lol).


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