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written by kettermichelle

[:en]Probably the most common question I get on my direct message requests is ”How do you edit your Instagram photos/stories?”

I usually always use two apps to edit one single story (yes, I put a LOT of effort to my content lol.) or a photo I am posting.

The apps are called VSCO (you can make an username there, it’s more easy to save and publish your photos that way) cam and MOLDIV. 

VSCO has pretty large amount of free presets to use, but I have also spent about 5€ to buy some extra presets for my own photos. I am editing my every single photo with that app. Haven’t found a better one to take it’s place in years.

After I have put on the filter/preset, I add some exposure/clarity if needed, change the tones to warm or cold, save the photo and open it on Moldiv. As you know I love the grainy/old film style effect on my pictures to make it look more of my type.

Here is the final result AFTER- BEFORE picture. I take my selfies with iPhone 8+ which has an awesome front camera.


Some other grainy effect pictures from my instagram:

Back to Lefkada & motorbikes

This toilet corner just looked too dope not to take a picture with

Not really a fan and would wear sneakers over heels anytime.. but oh my, @sargossa you got me at hello this pair is coming home with me

Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine us to be, but to find out who we already are & become it ps, a text & new photoshoot is up on my blog.

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