jungle fever

written by kettermichelle

Quick story behind this adventurous day. This day was actually the very last whole day before I caught a plane back to Helsinki thru Riga. We were really curious about Patras’ nearby beautiful places to go and explore. Katerina’s cousins told us that one destination for us might be Neda waterfall. Guess what.. they were so right. I mean, look at this place. We had about 170km roadtrip from Patras to Neda, but we didn’t mind since roadtrips were one of the best things during the trip.. listening to my deep house tropical vibe playlist with windows down.. aah makes me miss Greece! I swear I am not trying to brag but just to express my memories and experiences with you. Anyways, in Neda we left our cars on a parking lot and had to walk about 300-400m to the waterfalls via a very narrow way in the hills. It was a good excercise tho, considering that I hadn’t worked out in Greece like zero times..  I am actually a very sporty girl and love working out. 😛

So this is what happened, first photos are by me:

Photo by Katerina Tzolas

Photo by Hans Markus Antson

Photos by Karl Markus Antson

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