Greece, Patras

written by kettermichelle

I kind of feel like I should have done 20 different posts during my 2 week stay in Greece because there is simply just so much to tell and hundreds of photos to share. I’ll try to make this a short one.

If you follow me on instagram and watched my stories during the trip you probably know that we have been up to a LOT. To be honest, I felt different emotions and saw so much during this trip. There was laugher, happiness, tears, different feelings, amazement, nervousness, spontaneousness, hunger after long busy days  and much more.

Greece was a beautiful country. The mountains were my favorite part. 50 and more shades of them all over the country.. We island hopped in the 3 Ionian islands: went for a one day roadtrip with motorcycles to Lefkada, later rented a car to go to Kefalonia (my personal favorite) and two nights after sleeping in Myrtos beach  to Zakynthos. Every island had something different and special in them. Because we had a pretty low budget and tried not to spend so much money, we slept in cars 3 nights while island hopping. Our loyal friend and home was our grey Peugeot 208.

Another positive surprise was Patras city in the continent of Greece, still close to Kefalonia(2hour trip with a ferry). Katerina  introduced me the city she is originally from. I honestly loved Patras, people, food, cute coffee shops, restaurants. In my opinion it beat Athens, even tho I’m not sure If I can say that since I only spent one day in Athens and more than a week in Patras.

I’m super-super grateful to everyone helping me/us out during this trip. Katerina’s cousins welcomed us to Athens, their home the very first day I arrived to Greece and made sure we were feeling just perfect about all the time..

I will let most of the pictures talk for themselves.

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